February 2022
May 2022

Shenandoah Ridge Offsite

8" Sanitary Sewer Line
12" Sanitary Sewer Line
15" Sanitary Sewer Line
8" Sewer Line Plug
12" Sewer Line Plug
15" Sewer Line Plug
Fiberglass Manhole Installation
8" Water Line
12" Water Line
8" Gate Valves
12" Gate Valves
8" Water Line Plug
12" Water Line Plug
24" Steel Casing
Water Line Crossing Existing Pipeline
Project Notes

Utilities for the Shenandoah Offsite Project ranged from 19' to 22' depth. We ran into some hard rock and had to recruit hammers to help us cut through to the other side. There were also a couple of existing pipelines to cross under which required reinforcing our pipe with 24" steel casing.

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