At Brett Construction, our mission is to be that steadfast contractor who will serve the project vision with the same zeal and fervor as its visionary.

We’ve been in this game a while, so we understand how difficult it can be to find a reliable contractor with the skillset to get the job done on schedule and in budget.

That’s why over the last twenty years, we have worked meticulously to expand our team’s knowledge and skills, invest in the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment, while also refining our price-point to become the

swiss army knife of construction.

With experience completing numerous projects across the state of Texas - from subdivision utilities, TXDOT highways and bridges, to gas & oil drilling pads and pipelines - our goal is to be your reliable contractor of choice for all your construction needs.

From the moment we step foot onto the job site, we partner with you in seeing every aspect excel in both quality and excellence, because in the end, we realize it’s not about glorifying a contractor’s contributions, but about the success and long-term sustainability of your project.
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The Brett Construction Difference

We believe what sets us apart in our industry is our Kingdom-based values.

At Brett Construction, “Kingdom-based” means that our company culture and core values are modeled after our charge to make earth look like heaven.

When we send our crews onto a job site, we bring this mindset to work with us. Our mission is to honor our clients, perform with integrity, and deliver excellent work.

Company Core Values


We believe excellence is not an impossible call to be perfect, but rather an intentional effort to take ownership of our work and wholly apply ourselves in everything we do. We are constantly challenging our team to improve and delight in raising the bar in our industry.


We treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves. We search for the gold in every person, and desire to bring out their very best self. We look for ways to guide them in the discovery of their unique gifts and help them to apply their talents in a way that causes them to come alive. We celebrate who people are and refuse to stumble over who they aren’t.


Our team does business with openness, honesty, and sincerity. We believe in being good stewards of what we have been given. We take pride in our work and refuse to consider anything complete until it’s something we are proud to put our name on. When we commit to doing something, we will follow through with the highest value and honor towards those we are serving.


We are building a legacy that will last for multiple generations to come. Our hearts and minds are set on raising healthy families and leaving a tall ceiling to serve as the next generation’s floor. We are blazing a trail forward so that our children’s children can dream bigger dreams and do greater things than we did. We refuse to take part in any action that creates a mindset which undermines the mentality of leaving a legacy for the future generations.


Unity looks like choosing togetherness over separation, knowing we are more successful when we work collectively to pursue a common vision or purpose. Relationships are an important aspect of cultivating unity and require wisdom to discern when to extend grace, embrace humility, show compassion, and offer correction. We believe our words are powerful and should be thoughtfully used for the edification of our team members.