Who we are

Our Story

With God, all things are possible...

Brett Construction Co., Inc. was founded on July 7, 1997 by Brett and Shaye Johnson and their desire to introduce a construction company that believed in unwavering integrity, uncompromising quality, and steadfast faith, in addition to wanting to build a legacy for their growing family.

From day one, our foundational belief has been that "[we] can do all things through Christ who strengthens [us]". We believe that construction is where we have been called to bring the kingdom and this mindset is what has made us so unique in our particular industry.

After twenty-two years in business (and counting), we have witnessed the unfailing goodness and faithfulness of God to do just that - to equip us to do all the things that he has called us to do.

While that calling began with utilities, we have since branched out over the years to also include gas and oil, pipeline, subdivision, and DOT work in our portfolio.

With headquarters in our hometown of Hico, TX and a second office location in Midland, our work extends across Texas and even reaches into some neighboring states.

In all that we do, our priority is to give clients an experience that consistently represents the Brett Construction culture of safety, providing top quality work, and having the highest integrity.

Our foundational

Core values



We believe in living and working with the highest integrity. That respect is extended to everyone - from the supervisor to the laborer - and honor looks like follow through with excellence.



We believe in getting everyone home in perfect condition. That safety is not just a priority, but a culture that we cultivate. We look to educate our employees on the job daily and practice implementing the top safety measures.



We believe in doing everything with excellence. We uphold high standards to maintain our quality reputation. We consider our jobs "complete" when it's something we are proud to put our name on.


Years in business 
(est. July 7, 1997)


Projects in utilities, gas and oil, pipeline, and DOT completed


on the Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) scale

We are here for this


To be a construction company that stands for integrity and honor. When Brett Construction shows up on a job site, the atmosphere shifts as our peace goes before us and we establish our values of integrity, safety, and quality into our work. We believe that our faith has given us strength to do what we have been called to do in the civil and energy industries. With that promise comes the authority and ability to take on projects and see everything through with the utmost excellence and upstanding character.

Where we are going


To be an influential construction company recognized for our integrity and quality work.